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Advocate Barn Sale

Dear Friends of Kaya’s Kids, Just thought you’d want to be kept in the loop with the annual opening of our Barn Sale here in Advocate Harbour, Nova Scotia. The Barn Sale raises about $5,000 each summer – $4,000 of which goes to the Paradise Orphanage in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

Meeting with Elementary School Staff

We have held a meeting last Friday with our elementary school teachers. During the meeting, we talked about the goals we have been able to reach in the different classrooms, the difficulties we met and the suggestions of solutions to the difficulties. It was a really constructive meeting.

Christmas 2022 Celebration at the Paradise Orphanage

Here are some pictures of the Christmas celebration at the Paradise Orphanage. Due to the safety issue we have right now here, things were done simply not like the other past year. There was special meal, a lot of meat to eat, some vegetables, new clothes…

Meeting with the High School Teachers

Here are photos from a meeting with the teachers working at SJ High School. We assessed all our activities, and the teachers reported the results in the two classrooms. Some recommendations were provided to keep the good work in order to make of SJ High School a High School of reference in Kaya.

Some Potatoes From Our Farmland

Here are some potatoes that we were able to harvest from our farmland. It is our first experience, and we will cultivate more in the next rainy season.

Teachers’ Meeting at Stephen Joseph High School

A formal meeting took place the teachers at Stephen Joseph High School to organize the work and set goals for the school year. The teachers are ready and motivated to do their best to see the Stephen Joseph High School shine in the near future!

Stephen Joseph High School in Kaya

We have about 70 school tables and 40 chairs to start this school year. About 12 students from the Orphanage will start attending. We are now in the process of hiring the teachers and we expect the classes to start next week. It was truly a challenging project but it’s becoming more and more a […]

Water on the Farmland

Water is now available at the farmland. We can farm now around the whole year. It’s thanks to your support that this is possible now. We will be farming water melon, vegetables and beans.

Vocational/Technical School Students – Boys

Six of our second year vocation/technical students were successful in passing the national qualifying exam. They are studying topography, civil engineering, auto mechanics, metal contruction and electricity. They are looking to go further with their training to get a professional Baccalaureate. They want to pursue university studies later when they have opportunity.

Two More Students Going to University

We are so glad to share with you the graduation of two boys from the Orphanage for University. They both arrived at the orphanage in 2008. We feel so encouraged by such positive performance.

Water Tower for the Farmland

We have been able set up the water tower that we are going to pump from the well and distribute for farming. The coming week we will immerge the solar pump in the well and also put the solar panels in place.

Studio Recordings of Children Singing

Something positive! Pauline conducted some children from the Orphanage to record their first two songs to magnify God and lift up the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Drilling a New Water Well

God answered our prayers. We drilled to 25 meters deep and we intially had some waterm but then it stopped. We keept working hard and drillin got 60 meters deep and the water started coming out again. This is a really big day!

Working on the High School Roof

We have been busy this week working on the roof. The whole project will take about 5 days. We are so glad this step is being finishing now.

Chess Program and Team

Every month for the past 6 years, Impact Coaching Network has donated $200 towards the Paradise Orphanage in Burkina Faso with the goal of helping them develop a chess program & team.

Christmas 2021 Celebration at the Paradise Orphanage

Here are some photos of our Christmas celebration at the Paradise Orphanage. It was so great. We are so thankful to the Herr family for providing support for this very special moment of the year. May God continue to bless them.

Vocational Students – Auto Mechanic and Electrician Training

Here are pictures of our 4 vocational students. They are all in the second year of training in auto mechanic and electrician training. They are doing well and will be back this Christmas holiday at the Paradise Orphanage. We say thank you again to the Herr family for their generosity and support to these young […]

Our Vocational Student Studying Auto Mechanics

This is one of our vocational students. He is so thankful to the Herr family for giving him such opportunity to learn how to repair cars engines. He has one more year of training. He’s a very serious student. He’s is so happy and very excited about his training. May God continue to bless the […]

University Students Preparing for Departure

Our university students are getting ready to leave for school. Each university student received a laptop to be used for their coursework. They feel so blessed to each have a computer.

Harvest Time During the Rainy Season

These are photos from the harvest during the rainy season. This rainy season was not good for the farmers here, but we are thankful to have harvested about 450 kg of beans for the orphanage.

Kaya’s Kids Chess Tournament

Incredible! After only two weeks of intensive training led by Tunde Onakoya – the students of Kaya’s Kids in Burkina Faso, West Africa compete in their first ever chess tournament!

Kaya’s Kids Chess Program

The Impact Coaching Network (ICN), based in New York City, is thrilled to introduce the Kaya’s Kids chess program in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

New Clothing from Canada

Below are photos and videos from when new clothing arrived from Canada on Feb 16, 2019. The clothing was sent by Carla and Len.

A Shipment From Canada

Below are photos from A Shipment From Canada on Jan 24, 2019. This was made possible by Len and Carla.

Beautiful Handmade Shorts for the Children

This photo is of Corinne Franco and Howard Makofsky, the founder of Kaya’s Kids, Inc. Corrine has graciously produced beautiful shorts for the children at the Paradise Orphanage.

Construction Projects Moving Forward

Photos below include assembly of bed frames, the construction of the extra classroom for the school, and sand and gravel placed on new land for the construction of a store.

New Shoes for the Children

Money for the shoes was donated from patients and staff at the PT office of Dr. Scott Paskiewicz in Ridge, NY this past Christmas.