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Kaya’s Kids Chess Program

The Impact Coaching Network (ICN), based in New York City, is thrilled to introduce the Kaya’s Kids chess program in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

New Clothing from Canada

Below are photos and videos from when new clothing arrived from Canada on Feb 16, 2019. The clothing was sent by Carla and Len.

A Shipment From Canada

Below are photos from A Shipment From Canada on Jan 24, 2019. This was made possible by Len and Carla.

Construction Projects Moving Forward

Photos below include assembly of bed frames, the construction of the extra classroom for the school, and sand and gravel placed on new land for the construction of a store.

New Shoes for the Children

Money for the shoes was donated from patients and staff at the PT office of Dr. Scott Paskiewicz in Ridge, NY this past Christmas.

Newsletter – Summer 2013

Newsletter Highlights include financial needs of today, a new dining room has been built complete with tables and benches, all 122 children boarded a bus with a picnic lunch and headed to the zoo for a class trip, and more!

Newsletter – Winter 2012

Newsletter highlights include children receiving new school uniforms from Canada, 1000 lbs of soup shipped from Ontario Christian Gleaners, surgery was a success for Guedalia, children help with fundraising and a trip planned for early 2013.

Newsletter – Summer 2011

Newsletter highlights include 5 sewing machines purchased, a shelter/church constructed, a nurse hired to make weekly visits, medical supplies purchased, cement pad poured around the well, shoes purchased for all children, soup from Ontario Gleaners delivered, clothing distributed for children, staff and families, and sewing projects started.