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Filming at the Ontario Christian Gleaners


Yesterday, filming for the documentary – Stone by Stone – the Building of the Paradise Orphanage – took place at the Ontario Christian Gleaners in Ontario, Canada. This is the organization that sends nutritious dehydrated soup, from local produce, around the globe at no cost (all volunteer-based). Our kids at the Paradise Orphanage have been enjoying this delicious soup for several years now. What a blessing!

Pictured is Carla Veitch – on behalf of Kaya’s Kids – sharing how grateful we are for the Gleaners’ efforts. We look forward to seeing this footage in the documentary – which is due out next year.

Trust you are well!

Warm regards,
Fran & Howie

Computers Arrived at the Orphanage

Dear Friends,

We have great news: the computers arrived this afternoon at the Paradise Orphanage. It’s a great day. Can’t really imagine that all these laptops and desktops are for the orphanage. Praise Jesus!

The Paradise Orphanage will never forgot our generous donors. We are praying that God will continue to bless the Farell’s for their kindness.

It was a long process with a lot of difficulties. We want to thank you also for your time and commitment to make all that work well. Yes, we are always winners in Christ.

I already sent few pictures to Elisabeth to let her know that the shipment arrived well. I will share more pictures the coming days.

Lord bless,