Construction and Having Fun at the Paradise Orphanage!

Here are photos and a video of the children working on a construction project and having fun at the Paradise Orphanage.

For more photos from 2018, please visit the 2018 Photo Gallery. For more videos from 2018, please visit the 2018 Video Gallery.

Celebrating Christmas Message and Photos

Here are the children celebrating Christmas at the Paradise Orphanage. Here is a message from Charles Sawadogo:

Merry Christmas to You All,

We spent a big day yesterday with the children at the orphanage. We have chosen December 22nd to celebrate Christmas at the Paradise Orphanage. We are so thankful to you all for praying for us during the whole year. We want specially to thank Pastor Jeremy Herr and his wonderful family for bringing joy and happiness in our children hearts this Christmas again. They received new clothes, a great meal and had a great party. May God richly bless you.Thanks again and God bless you.

Charles Sawadogo

For more photos from 2017, please visit the 2017 Photo Gallery.

2017 Winter Update from Howie Makofsky, Director of Kaya’s Kids, Inc.


As we prepare to celebrate Christmas early next week, we want to thank all of you who have prayed for, encouraged and donated financially to the Paradise Orphanage this past year. With your help and God’s provision, we have seen: 1. The completion of the primary school (plus we added two more teachers); 2. Construction of the wall for the new high school; 3. A new dug well on the high school property; 4. The submission of an application for a second nonprofit (Kaya’s Kids Canada); 5. Plans for a new computer lab based on a generous $15,000.00 donation, and 6. The continued progress made on the documentary, Stone by Stone – The Building of the Paradise Orphanage by the Canadian filmmaker Elisabeth Gimber and her crew (Elisabeth, Mark and Robert spent two weeks this past October filming at the orphanage and had an amazing time). Please visit: Stone By Stone – the documentary for more information. What a year! Thank you all so much!!!

If you’re looking to get behind a Christmas project with your family, we’ve provided information here for our 2017 Comfort and Joy Campaign. Think of our kids, all 120 of them, sleeping on a real bed. We need just 60 more and as Carla Veitch would say, “We can do this!” We know you’re busy, so we’ll end it here. Enjoy!

Warm regards,
Howard & Frances Makofsky

Well Deserved Rest for the Parents of 120 Kids!

This photo captures a rare moment when Esther and George actually were just relaxing at the orphanage on a Sunday. This is more than deserved after all those years of building!

For more photos from 2017, please visit the 2017 Photo Gallery.

Paradise Orphanage Newsletter – September 2017

View Newsletter: Paradise Orphanage Newsletter – September 2017 (PDF 237 KB)

Newsletter Highlights:

  • “Paradise Orphanage in Kaya, Burkina Faso is the home of 120 very happy children. They are being cared for by a local family Georges and Esther Sawadogo and their four young adult children. With no large corporate or government entity overseeing or funding this work the Sawadogo family has been caring for these children solely on donations from friends in the US, Canada and Germany since 2008. All funds donated go directly to the work at the orphanage except for a small Western Union transfer fee.”